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For over 20 years, as an importer, iTi Tropicals Inc. has solely focused on Tropicals & Exotics and in this capacity we offer:

  1. Banana (puree & IQF and clarified)
  2. Coconut (cream & milk)
  3. Coconut water
  4. Guava (puree, concentrate, clarified)
  5. Mango (puree, concentrate, clarified, IQF)
  6. Passion fruit (NFC, concentrate, clarified)
  7. Papaya (puree, concentrate & IQF)
  8. Açaí (12%, 14% solids and clarified)
  9. Pineapple (NFC and concentrate)
  10. Above products are our main focus/core products, but we are also excited to offer exotic tropicals such as Acerola, Mangosteen, Lychee, Soursop, Camu Camu, Lulo, Moraberry, Tamarind, Cupuaçu, Cocoa Fruit, Goji & Prickly Pear.

These products offer tremendous flavor and health benefits. Like our standard tropicals, the exotic plants must be approved by ITI and undergo thorough examination and be able to provide technical documentation testifying to the standard of quality we expect. These fruits are typically available in smaller quantities (R&D) as iTi Tropicals continuously strives to offer our customers new Tropical & Exotic fruit purees/juice concentrates. However, some of the less common items are not always readily available for purchasing in large quantities. Typically, R&D quantities are available from our LA warehouse but not in significant commercial quantities. Often it's not even clear when the peak harvest times are of the less common items or how much is available. Adequate planning and good communication between the customers and iTi is needed before we can move forward with a commercial product.

In addition to the typical tasks of an importer, iTi Tropicals provides some unique services. We have a PhD in food science on staff for Quality Control and Scientific Research and we have a Senior R&D Technologist on staff to help you with product formulation concepts.

We realize that some of the types of fruits we sell are extremely exotic and often our customers request some assistance with ideas on how to utilize them in products from salad dressing, smoothies, sorbets & ice cream to fruit juice, sauces & soups. We can provide samples, not only of our ingredients, but when needed, samples of applications. We also have the ability to present seminars/demonstrations to educate customers about our products.

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