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Mr. Gert van Manen, President of iTi Tropicals, Inc has accepted an invitation to speak at the Foodnews Juice Asia 2013 event taking place in Bangkok, Thailand on 15-16 May.

Neil Murray, editor of FOODNEWS, said:

I’m really pleased that we have Gert on board as one of our speakers at this event. iTi Tropicals is one of the few tropical juice companies with experience across a very wide range of exotic and tropical fruits, and is also one of the leading companies for coconut water. I think it is important that, at a premier event like Juice Asia, we obtain speakers who are generally acknowledged as being among the main experts in their particular fields, and Gert’s knowledge of exotic and tropical fruit juices means that he definitely falls into this category. And coconut water is one of the few juices to be experiencing strong worldwide growth right now.

Juice Asia is extremely important for FOODNEWS as it taps directly into the supply lines for most of the world’s tropical juices, and the combination of Gert’s expertise and the excellent networking at juice Asia means that this is a conference not to be missed.

Gert’s speech is entitled "Coconut Water: Fad or Sustainable Ingredient?" He will be discussing the availability, benefits, technical challenges, market expansion, and methods of delivery. He also will address issues that could derail the success of coconut water and what to do to address these. He will also discuss ethical sourcing, sustainability and authenticity.

Foodnews Juice Asia, now in its 7th year, gives you the latest analysis of supply and demand trends in Asia and their impact on the global juice trade, enabling you to capitalise on the opportunities offered by the region’s increasing production and consumption of juice. Coming to Thailand for the first time on 15-16 May, this year’s conference will enable you to establish your products in Asia’s fast developing juice markets by providing you with expert insight, including case studies from successful companies within the industry. Analysis on topics such as changing demand trends, emerging opportunities in new markets and juice raw material supply issues will equip you with the tools you need to grow your business in this region. For more information please visit http://juiceasia.agraevents.com/ It will bring together Asian and international juice manufacturers, processors, packers, ingredients groups and more from across the industry.


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