Jul. 13, 2024

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Just a reminder that there is still time to register for the free webinar that JPA is hosting with the School Nutrition Association (SNA) tomorrow, March 24, from 2:00-3:15 PM (EST). The webinar, 100 Percent Juice: Squeezing Fact from Fiction is aimed at promoting the benefits of fruit juice among School Foodservice Directors and other school nutrition professionals. The program will feature presentations from - among others - Dr. Theresa Nicklas, who will speak to the evidenced-based benefits of fruit juice consumption, and Joe Koch, Director of Marketing at Country Pure Foods, who will discuss cost-conscious strategies for purchasing 100% juice. A SNA member will also highlight successful marketing strategies to increase consumption of 100% juice in schools.

Please pass on this information to anyone at your companies who may find value in the webinar -- sales teams, marketing managers, nutritionists, etc. For those interested, but unable to attend, the webinar will be archived for viewing at a later date (viewing information to follow).

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